Create a beautiful plant display each spring and summer by planting garden bulbs including Begonias, Dahlias, Gladioli, Irises, Lilies, patio bulbs and indoor bulbs. Powerscourt Garden Pavilion has an extensive range of flower bulbs for sale from leading brands such as Kapiteyn, Pannebakker and Taylors. If you want to fill your garden with colour next spring, plant bulbs from October to December, before the first frost. Daffodils, Tulips, Crocus, and Grape Hyacinths are among our spring flowering bulbs. Summer bulbs like Dahlias and Begonias, Lilies and Gladioli are long flowering and easy to grow. It’s best to plant summer bulbs from March to June when the soil has recovered from winter. See our full bulb range at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion, one of the best garden centres in Wicklow.

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