Looking for advice about how to grow a lawn or how to grow grass? Drop into Powerscourt Garden Pavilion where you will find a huge selection of products for creating a lush, green lawn. Our range of products include grass seeds and lawn seeds from Miracle Gro, Evergreen complete soluble (A lawn weed killer and lawn fertilizer), Maxicrop lawn tonic and weedol lawn weed killer. The best time to start a new lawn is either in early spring or in early autumn. About 6 weeks prior to sowing you will need to spray off the ground with a glyphosate type weed killer, such as Roundup which we have in-store. About 10 days later rake over the soil until it’s smooth before selecting your grass seed. To get comprehensive advice on how to grow a lawn, ask the horticulturalists at Powerscourt Garden Centre Wicklow.

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